Cleanband Commercial Blender – Best In the Market

Hello, my name is Alexa and I own a bar in Kentucky. I used to run a small juice and smoothie bar and for that I needed a blender. Now, finding the best ice crusher mixer can be tricky, and to be honest when I first started my bar I ran into some difficulty keeping my quality up. Most customers complain about the ice cream in their cocktails and are not happy with it. The reason they are complaining is that my blender couldn’t crush the ice properly. So I decided to change it to get rid of all the complaints as they were affecting my business.

I searched the internet to find the best blender on the market that can easily crush ice cream and any type of frozen fruit. I spent a lot of time researching and then discovered the Cleanband Commercial Blender.

I was a bit on a budget and was looking for a mid-range blender to help me prepare and make better smoothies and smoothies in my bar. The Cleanband Commercial Blender is the perfect solution for me as it is cheaper than other high end products like Blendtec and Vitamix. Moreover, the features and functions it offers are almost similar to those of these expensive mixers.

I bought it from their site and they delivered it to my house within days. I moved the new blender to my bar and started using it. Honestly the results are remarkable and the smoothies and milkshakes I made on them are smooth and ice free.

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Easily crumbles ice cream without hassle and mixes it like a piece of cake thanks to its 1800W motor, which provides enough power to crush and pierce any tough ingredient you put in it. In addition, the blender has 8 blades which ensure a smooth and perfect mixing and crushing of the ice cream.

The blender is intended entirely for commercial and home use and can be useful for any business or restaurant. The blender lives up to its name thanks to its performance. Its container is large enough to whip up batches of smoothies and juices in less time, as well as allow me to easily handle it, and is easy to clean in the dishwasher, and all of its parts are dishwasher safe.

Despite the powerful motor, the mixer is completely free from noise and vibrations. It doesn’t vibrate at all when processing harsh ingredients thanks to its sleek design and tough material. The base is wide, which ensures sufficient stability during processing.

In addition, the blender will not overheat when preparing hard ingredients and will crush them easily and smoothly. In addition, the blender is compact and can be easily stored in any kitchen cupboard.

After I started using the blender all of my customers are happy and now I don’t get any complaints about ice cream in smoothies and juices. My customers love my stuff and recommend my bar to others thanks to Cleanband Commercial Blender.

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